Thursday, April 22, 2010

♥ Sally Hansen 'Blue Me Away' w Nailene Black French tip pen & Claire's Magic ♥

Sally Hansen 'Blue Me Away' below with 'Claire's Magic' and Nailene Black French Tip Pen

At the end of March and the beginning of April - I had a string of bad mani's; I had a serious problem with bubblez, alot of smearing of polish, wacky nail art and alot of other things were going wrong. This polish, along with 3 others I wore I had to actually start over and re-apply after I completed my manicure.... I guess I had a bit of a bad polish streak, so when things did not look as good as I knew they could, I removed my entire manicure and started over.

I did a terrible job with the french Tip pen, I did not press down my nail tip guides as firmly as I should have, and I do not believe I snipped the protruding nail tip guides that were sticking off my nails which resulted in a alot of seepage. I planned to add the Claire's 'Magic' on top of this anyhow- but still..... I am glad that the vibrancy of the S.H. Polish 'Blue Me Away' showed up. Claire's "Magic' is much more sheer than I thought and I recommend layering Claire's 'Magic' over another color.

From now on, anytime I use Nail Tip Guides = either for polish or these Nailene French Tip Pens I will be applying a coat of Top Coat over the newly painted area. I have done this with my last 4 manicures which included using nail tip guides and they always turn out perfect. You can see that in my most recent diagonal mani HERE I am pretty sure I saw this tip on Kronicals of a Konader  =  so thank you very much♥

Stuff I used - Nailene Black French Tip Pen, Sally Hansen 'Blue me Away' and Claire's 'Magic' ( layer this! it's awesome!)
Sally Hansen 'Blue Me Away' 2 coats with 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat. When I removed this polish earlier in the week, it stained my finger-tips - like badly!
Apply Straight Nail Tip Guides on dry nails & apply Nailene Black French Tip Pen
DONT DO WHAT DEEZ DID!  When using nail tip guides, always add a layer of Top Coat to whatever you just painted as this should ensure a crisp line. and be sure to press down firmly on the nail tip guides when you apply them or your polish may seep under the edges like mine is here..
Middle - no Claire's Magic' RING & Index @ 1 coat

Thumb @ 2 coats of Claire's 'Magic'

Viola! The blue still looks vibrant after two coats of Claire's magic - which was a real surprise.  I always imagined Claire's Magic to be a lot more opaque than this......hmmmmm

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