Saturday, April 24, 2010

♥ Joe 'Peacock' plus Claire's 10 for $10 ♥

Joe ' Peacock'  - 2 coats & 1 coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat ( sunshine )

This is a really pretty shade - A rich Peacock/teal with purple flash, It looks dark blue in indoor lighting = very cool. My application sucked due to this huge stumpy and knobby brush handle (why do they make them like this???????) I like this color and the flash of purple in it it and will eventually pick up a polish similar to this, just in a much better bottle and hopefully with a normal non-stumpy brush handle.

I have a tonne of bubblez and there is really no way to fix that. At the moment I am deciding what other polish I can layer over this to hide my shame...... something glittery of course.

Also - I hit up Claire's in the mall for their 10 for $10 and got alot of frankening supplies and a back-up of 'Magic' I love those 10 for $10 sales, but it makes me reluctant to buy polish at regular price now.... (not really, but, you know..........) I am super duper excited to play around with those holographic glitter polish's, as well as that intense yellow 'Yellow Brick Road' = it is going to make some seriously awesome green frankens!!!!!



- Below - my Claire's 10 for $10 Haul - 

Back row; 
Clean Slate -Metallic Gunmetal Grey-ish
Magic  - For backup!!!!!
2 yellow brick roads for frankens
Matte Grey
Matte Cobalt ( really dark )
& 4 'Hollywood's' for frankens

Ugh - I couldn't stand those bubblez - So I added 1 coat of a franken I had recently made 'Iced Ice' and on my pinky's I added a coat of Pure Ice 'Oh Baby', below.

Sun ( pinky w/ Pure Ice 'Oh Baby' )



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