Sunday, March 17, 2013

fan brush nail art

 I have seen this fan brush nail art a few times and it always looks great! I am not sold on it yet as this was my first try - - I think adding Pure Ice Busted made me like it alot more then just the 2 Revlon polishes alone.

For this Mani I started with a base of Revlon Hazy, a grey creme, then used the fan brush to make these interesting whispy stripes. Some people are getting super duper thin whispy stripes and they look amazing - I'll be striving for that next time I try this.

fan brush nail art                      ----                       w/ Pure Ice Busted

 stuff I used - Revlon Hazy, No Shrinking Violet, Plum Seduction, and Pure Ice Busted

  I found the fan brush at the DollarRama ( Canada ) I made sure to tape around my nails to prevent having to do an acetone clean-up later.

Revlon hazy - a grey creme and the only Revlon I have ever purchased that I can say I am happy with. If I purchase any more Revlon nail polish's in the future I will make sure they are either opaque creme polish's or heavy duty glitters.

Here is my right hand that turned out pretty crappy - but it is my first time and I am sure if I try this again I will get better!  It was hard to pick up the right amount of polish with the fan brush ..... I will definitly try to use a slower drying polish in the future as well.

I did a practice run with colours that I thought would look good together

a few more glamour shots.....


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