Saturday, March 16, 2013

Melted Celluloid nails (water spotted)

I am calling this water-spotted decals..... I have never been able to water-marble successfully, so I try to either make decals by dropping polish onto plastic and swirling it around, or doing a traditional water marble and dropping a cut up piece of zip-loc bag onto the design, letting it dry then affixing it to my nails......

I saw this on Bella sugar and a few other places on the interwebs..... I dropped a few drops of a black creme polish into water then sprayed it with hydrogen peroxide to break up the polish and create 'holes' ( perfume worked too! ) then placed a small piece if plastic on top of the design to pick up the black spotted polish.....I didn't achieve the results that other people have with the big perfect 'holes' but I am happy with how this turned out.

I let the polish things dry for a little while then affixed them to my nails, I filled in a few bare spots with a black Sally Hansen nail art pen, then added a coat of TC. Even thought there was some lumps and weird bulges, a thick coat of  TC smoothed them out.

I think an orange or reddish-orange base would have been better for this nail art  - I have enough of these black-spotted-water-marble-things to do this again....but honestly I wouldn't try to this again, I think I could get the same look with saran wrap or sponging in way less time.

I started with 1 coat of Sally Hansen Chrome in Diamond

 then I coat of Revlon scented polish in Beach - it smells really good!

 before I applied the sheet of 'spotted polish' to my nail I added another coat of the green Revlon polish so it had something to stick too and gently pressed it into my nails

 I used wet n wild black for some of these, but after I let them dry on my desk for  a while they started cracking..... I don't recommend using Wet and Wild for these types of water decals......

 these were super-duper thin so I dumped a pretty thick layer of clear nail polish over them. It made them way easier to handle when I was applying them to my nails.

 cutting these into smaller nail shaped pieces and using tweezers to place them on my nails made getting these onto my nails way easier.......

I can knock this off my list of neat nail art to try out.........


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