Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Flim Flam! Franken

 I found this awesome glitter at THE DOLLAR TREE CANADA! and had to whip up a franken ASAP. My heart was set on a pink/orange combo but this rediculously bright yellow flourecent glitter swayed me to whip up a 'Floam' like mani first.

I thought that the clear polish I usually use for fankens would dissolve the colour of the glitter but after two days there is still no bleeding......

I used a base of Wet n Wild White and applied 3 coats of my fanken 'Flim Flam!' This was a hungry glitter and even after  3 coats of TC it is still bumpy. I am excited to wip up at least 2 more of these with the neat glitter I found at THE DOLLAR TREE IN CANADA!!!!!

 I found these awesome glitters at THE DOLLAR TREE CANADA! I am happy that The Dollar Tree stores showed up in the big city ( Wpg ) ..... Now if a Diaso would end up in my Provence somewhere I would never complain about my nail polish availability ever again!

 I also picked up some beads and a few other crafty things.... no nail polish this time. They had a few displays of Billie Cosmetics nail polish which was awesome, but I already have evey single one!

 These are matte neon glitter, I think I will make a green and purple mix next. The other package of glitter is a sheer easter-grass-like glitter which also did well in the clear nail polish base I use....

Always have tape on hand to seal up these little packages of glitter!!!!

 I mixed up the yellow and blue ( this is supposed to be a good photo of the re-sealed glitter packs )

 stuff i used ( check out that settling )

clockwise from thumb - 1 coat, 2 coats and 3 coats with blobby touch-ups

here is 1 coat - note that texture, this was still bumpy after 2 coats of TC

..... and a few more photos


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