Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Neither Coral, nor Creme ....... maybe classic

 I don't know if that's the best title for a blog post....... This is a fabulous polish that I wore for 1 and 3/4 of a day - I did not want to remove it. I found this and the THE ENTIRE LINE-UP of N.Y.C. Long Wearing polish at Walmart in the big city ( Canada ) last weekend. While I am happy about that, they seem to have removed N.Y.C. In a York Minute from store shelves. Hopefully it's just a temporary thing and they will bring them back. In the mean time, Most of the N.Y.C. Long Wearing Polish are pretty awesome, and I will cook up a spam post with all the ones I have swatched in the near future.

Back to this polish. It is a GORGEOUS pink glass flecked polish = NOT a creme. It is definitly pink with barely any coral to show. This is probally one of those 're-formulations' where they kept the name but totally changed the polish. Does anyone on the world have a previous version of this polish that os actually coral, or a creme?

I layered 2 coats of N.Y.C. Classic Coral Creme over one of those cute mini  Sweet Serenity polish's I found at the Dollar Rama. Instead of french tip guides or scotch tape, I used a product I found at the Office Store that people use for creating grids on office wipe boards.

it's called 'colored vinyl chart tape' and it's not sticky, so when its humid in my nail room I wont have to worry about a sticky gooey residue.

stuff I used; NYC Classic Coral Creme, Sweet Serenity no name mini from DollarRama Canada

 3 coats..... with a few bare spots. I am impessed that these are even @ the Dollar Rama because the first few bottles of these that I purchased were CRAP! They were water based polish's that did not dry. They have since changed their formula and the last few sets I bought had some pretty shades ( but some were streaky frosty )


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