Thursday, March 29, 2012

grafitti sponge nails - super easy to do

Sponge nail art is one of my go to nail art looks - It's so easy just drop a few drops of nail polish onto  a piece of tin foil, then dip a  small area of the sponge into the polish then onto your nail..... I made this video a year ago;

Below is a video using a few different types of sponges.....

 I have used all sorts of sponges, from regular kitchen sponges to pieces of foam paint brushes from the dollar store ( that's how I did this one ). This is super-duper easy, 2 coats of top coat will smoothe out any texture created from the sponge.

Today and last weekend I tried to do the acetone water-colour nails and cannot acheive what everyone else has = sponge nail art always works out for me.

For today's nails I started with a base of Wet n Wild White Creme, which is a white creme. There is a few bare spots but I planned on covering most of this up anyway.................

I used all three of these polish's I found at the DollarRama. They are on the sheer side but they are a pretty decent polish for $1.25.

The lightest colour........ a pinky mauve

the middle colour is a washed out pink

and finally the last polish - a greyed out purple

 stuff I used; Wet n Wild White Creme, Sweet Serenity mini polish and a mini Color Club Top Coat

I can't stop wanting to use this polish over EVERYTHING =  Love My Nails Dazzling I added a coat of this over my top coat. This is multicoloured micro-glitter in a clear base. It is .99 cets and can be found in some Walmarts in the USA.

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