Friday, October 14, 2011

whew! Where did my week go?

this is 2 coats of Sinful Colors Nirvana, with Kiss Dark Purple and Kiss Pink Glitter layered over LA Colors Metallic Pink, followed by a coat of TC. If some of these photos are posted 'fuzzy' I wont fix it till tomorrow - so hopefully they post properly..... sometimes I am too impatient to sit here and fiddle around with blogger and wait for things to work out - but sometimes blogger is just wonky.... still love it!

Have an awesome weekend!

Below is a crude outline of the shape I wanted for my funky french...... 

I filled in the outlined are, then added LA Colors Metallic Pink

then the Kiss Pink Glitter on top of that

I am certain that it would have looked just as pretty without the base of LA Colors Metallic Pink, but I didn't want to have any sparsely glittered areas

I added another coat of the glitter on top of my top coat......

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