Monday, August 8, 2011

purple 3 stripe mani

( mini rant ) I feel like computers should be like the remote control for the television... you just click the buttons and everything does what you want. However, its way more complicated then that......

Here is a lovely 3 stripe mani, my base is the same greyed-out pale lavender artificial nails I had been wearing all last week, I applied a piece of painters tape diagonally across my nails, and filled the un-taped area with Billie Purple Rain, and Billie Mauve.

Before my polish was dry I removed the tape and 'squished' down any prominent polish ridges, then applied 2 coats of Nailene TC. I added the LA Colors glitter stripe polish on top of my TC.

This is striking, but easy nail look. I stuck a piece of blue painters tape to a cutting mat, then sliced 1/4 pieces for these nail guides using a utility knife.

apply tape over base colour, fill in with 2 other polish colours

remove tape, gently squish ridge and apply TC

see.... all those ridges and polish oops get covered up by the glitter

... I keep reminding myself to pick up more of these glitter stripe polish's......


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