Wednesday, August 31, 2011

a girly Chrome spong'in

The base is Sally Hansen Chrome polish in Moonstone, I then sponged on Naturistic's Super Chrome in Ruby Reflection and Deep Violet. Ruby Reflection is a bright, bright BRIGHT fuschia, deep Violet is meduim purple chrome. 

I cut or tear off small pieces from one of those big car wash sponges, it creates more of a graffitti look, rather then a well blended mani. I tried not to let the 3 colours overlap each other too much. I immediatly  added a coat of Nailene TC the polish practically dried on the sponge before it made it to my nails.

Naturistic's Super Chrome polish's are exactly the same as Sally Hansen Chrome polish's, many of the colours from each line are identical. They dry very fast so they need to be applied fast. Both of these lines are discontiuned, but apparently the chrome pen/stick polish from Sally Hansen is of compareable formulaand with a nice colour range.

stuff i used; Sally Hansen MoonStone Chrome, Naturistics Deep Violet & Ruby Reflection

in this photo you can see the pattern that the sponge makes......


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