Monday, April 11, 2011

another pretty purple franken mani = stripes ?

here is another simple mani I created using the franken polish's I made recently. I tried to use scotch tape for this mani but ended up doing it without scotch tape. I think that using the thick polish that I used for this manicure was a bad idea. Next time I try something like this I will use normal nail polish because this dried very fast and created alot of bumpy-ness and texture.

I added a coat of a franken i made with some shimmery micro-glitter polish and alot of clear. I made it for this specific situation when a mani that I just did needs some camouflage for flaws such as lumps/bumps gouges etc.

.... and another gif~

polish - top coat - shimmery micro-glitter top coat
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frankens, Billie Purple Rain, Nailene Top Coat and a shimmery franken I made for layering

I used tape for the first layer, but ended up doing it without the tape, my lines are surprisingly straight! I had to go over alot of areas and it became very bumpy and lumpy.

this is with a coat of clear and a coat of top coat.

and this is with a coat of the shimmery layering franken. I disguised the lumpy-ness with the micro-glitter polish

check out how lumpy this was, I need like 3 or more coats of TC!

- strange I did not take a finished photo of this manicure with my regular hand poses. I will try  this again with slower drying polish, and without any tape. The shimmery sparse glitter I used hides all the little mistakes I made. I think that tracing the lines with a glitter stripe polish would be beautiful, too!

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