Tuesday, April 12, 2011

an easy, girly french....

The base is 2 coats of a franken I made with a white creme and Billie Purple Rain (which is on the tips of my nails). I did this on free-hand too with no tip guides, BUT I HAD to trace along the line with a silver glitter stripe polish because the line was very messy = no big deal though the glitter striping polish hid that.

Normally I used the regular french tip guides for this look, placing them on my nail like this and applying polish like a regular french mani however this was a last minute idea and I did it without the tip guides......

2 coats of each polish - top coat, striping polish

with my franken faith, made with Billie Purple Rain and a white creme

silver glitter striping polish - I love these wish I had more colours of glitter♥

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