Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a fabulous franken - 'Diversity' with comparison

I made this franken polish with a base of Clear polish and added some black, I added an unknown amount (sorry ) of an older eye-shadow called Soft Fern from Loreal. Check out the original post HERE ( I don't forget about my frankens!!!!!!!!!!1 )

and here is the original franken I named Olive Drab - which is the same eye-shadow but only with clear polish, adding black to the mix made a big difference both in colour and application.


Since I am watching Anchorman, I will call this franken Diversity. This is 3 coats with 1 coat of my clear polish - which is reserved for frankens ONLY - followed by a coat of Nailene Top Coat. I stretched this mani

I added 2 coats of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Coral Amber, and a coat of TC


......and here is a comparison to Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches. My franken has much less shimmer, it's a tougher more rugged polish compared to the Nina polish. (lol) I like the finish that eye-shadow frankens have, sometimes they require more care and speed in their application but they seem more dense and are often a more pigmented polish.

Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches

Nina Ultra Pro Mossy Britches, 3 thin coats. My franken is my Middle nail, second from the top at 3 coats  & all my nails have TC. Obviously there is a substantial difference but both are pretty! The Nina polish has much more shimmer and is totally a different colour.

L - Franken, R- Mossy Britches

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