Tuesday, January 18, 2011

a patchwork mani...............

My left hand looks good - but my right, non-dominat hand is not so good♥

This is 2 coats of Billie Silver, a swipe of Maybelline Express Finish Matte Rose and Claire's Matte Cobalt, I added a thin coat of TC, I'll be removing this in the a.m. because I don't really like it. IT NEEDS GLITTER - but I am trying to hold off on the glitter and work on mastering 'nail art' like this on my right hand ( which looks terrible . I'll have to stick to using tip guides or tape for my non-dominant hand.

Basically I swiped the red polish diagonally across my entire nail, and the blue polish across the tips of my nails in the opposite direction. then I added a thin coat of TC.

Also; This Billie polish is found on many Canadian Dollar-stores, mostly independent dollar stores but in central and western Canada it can be found at Dollar Giant. HERE is the post on my Ontario haul of polish's , and HERE is my page with bottle shots of all the Billie polish I currently have ( p.s. can Midie polish still be found at Canadian dollar stores - that's a good in-expensive polish with lots of pretty colours and finishes)

Billie Silver

Maybelline Matte Rose ( old skool polish )

Claire's Matte Cobalt

Monday, January 17, 2011

SH Chrome Turquoise, Icing Sandy Beach & Art Deco silver stripe

This is my 'go-to' nail art when I can't think of something to do for my mani's. I started with 2 coats of Sandy Beach from Icing ( by Claire's ), then applied Nailene French Tip Guides on the diagonal across my nail, added 1 careful coat of an older Sally Hansen Polish called Turquoise, for their chrome collection  IN A SQUARE BOTTLE, I remove3d the french tip guides and traced where the two polish's meet with Art Deco silver glitter. When I was certain it was 'sorta' dry, I applied a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat.

This is a super-duper easy look to achieve, further on in this post is a terrible free-hand funky french I tried to do = FAIL! I can pull off a chevron french manicure just fine - but a regular french manicure I cannot do! So hats off to those who can do that♥

LOL- half way through my nail art - i like how my fingers look all clumsy grasping the bottle

my ONLY photo with TC - my camera died 1/2 way through my photos!

w/ Sally Hansen Chrome in Turquoise IN A SQUARE BOTTLE!!!!!!

LA Colors Art Deco silver stripe glitter - a fine silver glitter

another angle.....

........dim mysterious lighting

..... and a fail I though I would share, I started with 2 coats of Icing Sandy Beach, then tried to free-hand a french mani - NOT HAPPENING, I planned on adding Wet N Wild Sparked because I knew it would help disguise the line and it is a fabulous pink glitter, but it was very thick and ruined this mani further - so I took it off and did something else instead. I'll have to pick up another bottle of WnW sparked very soon - I have had that for a looooooong time and I must have left it open at some point....

I will keep practicing though, if it is a straight line, I can do a decent job without tip guides, but if it is in the least bit outta whack, or it looks woobly or wavy I will stare at it all day, and it will drive me nutz!!!! I cover it up with glitter or just remove it. So now I just use tip guides, mailing labels, tape or whatever I have to try to create a pretty perfect mani.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sally Hansen Lavender Envy layrered over Nina Emerald City

This is one of my very favorite polish's = Sally Hansen Lavender Envy. It is not as streaky in real life as it looks in these indoor photos. Lavender Envy is no longer in the core line of Sally Hansen X-treme Wear polish's, but there is still a few sheer SH X-treme Wear polish's that look AMAZING layered, [Green w/ Envy comes to mind.}

 I picked this up at a small drug store in my town a few years ago, I totally hated the long stem and the stumpy brush at the time - now I am cool with it. I don't understand why SH changed their bottle shape for each line of polish they come out with......

This is 2 coats of Nina Ultra Pro in Emerald City, I recently wore this and wanted to wear it again {it's that pretty  that I wore it twice in 2 weeks!} After spending the evening whipping up some fabulous earrings my nails were trashed, so i added 1 coat of SH X-treme Wear Lavender Envy and a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top Coat.

I applied paper re-binders to the base of my nail, so the original polish would be visible. I have had the worst luck with re-binders, they always leave a sticky residue - but this time i peeled them off immediately after adding the polish. It's not perfect, but I cannot find a smaller circular sticker to create this "moon-mani"...........

{ this doesn't look this streaky in real life }

 ..... even though the colours in this photo are all wrong, I thought it was a cool pic; I love how glowey the SH Lavender Envy layered area looks!

Friday, January 14, 2011

NYC MoMA, layered to make it opaque

Above 3 coats of NYC MoMA, layered over 1 coat of an opaque silver polish. I love this colour but was very dis-appointed to find it was horribly sheer, so I layered it over an opaque silver from Claire's. Seconds after I applied TC and Minutes before my photo shoot I marred my middle nail - DANG!

first 2 nails are 2-3 coats, nail on far right is 1 coat -  too sheer for me!

w/ 1 coat of silver and 3 coats of MoMA

Please disregard the difference in lighting and camera settings....and that terrible smear at the base of my middle nail.. Using an opaque silver or white  helps a pretty, but sheer polish like NYC MOMA to be more opaque and can brighten the overall colour.

Claire's Clean Slate - 1 coat

Claire's Platinum - 2 thin coats

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pure Ice Rio & Maybelline Violet Aluminum ( again )

Maybelline Violet Aluminum, 1 coat, followed by 2 coats of an older Sally Hansen HAN polish called Grape Pop, and 3 coats of Pure Ice Rio. My camera and lighting situation is not picking up those pretty blurple flecks in Pure Ice Rio ( I promise that is my last complaint about my light issuez.....)

Maybelline Violet Aluminum is is gorgeous bright magenta, (fuchsia). When I think of 'violet' I think of purple, as in African violets, or hyacinth's; that type of washed-out blue toned purple....but that's just my opinion. When you Google 'violet' not a lot of items come up that are the colour of this polish.

This is an older polish that I found at a now closed store in my town. This polish is on the thick side because it is older, but it applied perfectly and dried very fast, I wish I bought more of these Maybelline Express Finish polish's when I spotted them.

indoor flourescent


... whoops! This was a photo before I added Pure Ice Rio so 1 coat of Maybelline Express Finish Violet Aluminum, and 2 thin coats of Sally Hansen Grape Pop. SH Grape Pop is a sparkly grape colored jelly polish.

Middle nail ( second from top ) is 1 coat of Maybelline Violet Aluminum, the rest of my nails have 2 coats of Sally Hansen Grape Pop layered over 1 coat of Violet Aluminum.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maybelline Violet Aluminum, Claire's 14 Karat and Pure Ice Rio -

3 coats of an un-named icing mini which is basically a watered down version of Claire's 14 Karats, followed by Maybelline Violet Aluminum sponged diagonally across my nails and a coat of Pure ice Rio =  which is a violet jelly base with flecks of vibrant blurple...flecks.

I still have not acquired the light-bulb I normally use so my photos are not picking up those super-pretty AWESOME flecks in Pure Ice Rio. I forgot how pretty Maybelline Violet Aluminum was, I plan on wearing this again soon....

I am holding Claire's 14 Karats, which is painted on my ring nail, the rest of my nails are 3 coats of an un-named icing (by Claire's) mini - which is a watered down version of Claire's 14 Karats.

My ring nail is Claire's 14 Karats- I actually don't mind the brush strokes on this one....

Ring Nail is Claire's 14 Karats, while the rest of my nails are 3 coats of a cute Icing mini polish

..... and a few more photos of this mani

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free-hand chevron♥

My previous mani was 3 coats of Sally Hansen XW Flirt, a dark vampy shimmery burgundy. I added wet n' wild night prowl in a chevron - by swiping it diagonally across the corners of my nail, and applied a coat of TC, setting a square nail gem just above the point.

I am very happy with how this chevron turned out, I usually use french nail tip guides but I just wanted something fast and easy, I think it turned out just fine. I just happened to have Wn'W Night Prowl out in my 'to paint' basket: It is a nice polish that dries fast for me.

Has there been any word on whether the new Wn'W products will make an appearance in Canada..... looks like I'll have to write the company again

I am messing around with a few different lights and light-bulbs in my home..... I am so frazzled without my regular light-fixture and  THAT SPECIFIC LIGHT BULB!  I hope I can find that type of light-bulb soon.

SH XW Flirt - 3 coats

w/ Wet n' Wild Night Prowl; a purple glitter in a black jelly base

these photos above and below were taken seconds apart - yet they look sooooo different!