Friday, November 5, 2010

♥ Theme; reds for Rememberance Day ♥

Here are two pretty red polish's. I thought that i should wear some red polish's for Remembrance day. The month of November is also American Diabetes Month, and red ties into these two important issues. Red happens to be the polish colour I wear the least - I never seem to reach for these colors - yet strangely when I do wear them I rave about how awesome they are...... i will whip up a RED SPAM post in the next week or so.

  First up is an un-named Icing by Claire's polish from the Knock-off Alice in Wonderland set I picked up earlier this year  below;

( I have already worn the other red HERE along with that multi-colored  Glitter.... HERE )

It is VERY sheer and borders on a bright pink in some lighting. I am a little disappointed that it is this sheer, actually. I took photos right after I painted, I got right to making some jewelery

Below are 3 rings I made with buttons, and a broach ( black) I am on a jewelery making kick right now. I found the topaz colored button and the clear crystal button in the bargain basket at Fabric-land. The black one is a broach that I never wore becuase it is too heavy, so i glued it to a ring base  ( ring bases are super-hard to come by in my town). I got the black gooey-glue over everything, hopefully I can fix that♥

.....and here is Billie Claret - part of their classy booze collection. This is very sheer, and likely needs 5 coats to get to the bottle shade. I somehow got alot of black fluff in my top coat, so I will definitely add some glitter to this for the remainder of my evening.

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