Thursday, November 4, 2010

♥ Billie Royal & Billie Amethyst ♥

 Bille Royal - 3rd version..... 3 thin coats with Nailene TC

There is 3 version of this polish; Billie Royal. This one is my favorite. It is a creamy eggplant, as opposed to the rich vampy earlier versions.Below is a photo of the 1st version;

1st version of Billie Royal

and here is a terrible flash photo of the 1st & 2nd version

All three are very pretty - but i think I like the newest one the best. Anytime the store that carried these get a new shipment, there is at least one of these polish's that looks a little different to me.

3 different versions!

indoor flo 

Below; Billie Amethyst.

This is after a day and a half of wear. I have been whipping up some jewelery in the evenings and totally trashed this mani. This is a pretty mulberry shade and is a chrome, so every little flaw shows up when painting. I love chrome polish's, almost every single one I have tried dries fast to a lovely chrome finish - but seeing every little dent and ding in my nail bed ( real or natural ) drives me nutz.

Chrome polish's are great for layereing; either as a base, or freshening up an older mani. I love using chrome finish polish's for sponging! I think I'll have to do an experiment with some base-coats to see how that could help with the imperfections. ( .....................zzzzzzzzz)

Billie Amethyst - 4 thin coats w/ Nailene Acrylic Strong TC ( indoor flo )

in the sun

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