Tuesday, October 5, 2010

♥ Confetti vs. Sinful purple jelly flecked & My Fav Martian ♥

Ohhhhhhh this is a pretty one...... above is Sinful Colors I Love You. = I cant believe I havent done a full manicure with this yet its beautiful! Before I did my nails for the day I wanted to do a quick comparison of Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl, Sinful Colors I love You and Confetti Happy Birthday.

Also in case anyone cares.... I woke up on Friday filled with sunshine, rainbows and smiles.... but by Friday afternoon I had a full blown cold..... It was only October first for friggs sakes. I have been laid up in bed and am just getting back to normal now. Well, not really because anytime I stop physically moving, I have a savage hacking whopping cough = yippee winter!!!!!

Anyhoo -here is a quickie comparison and some photos of an awesome SOON TO BE DISCONTINUED  polish, Confetti My Favorite Martian♥

Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl, Happy Birthday, Sinful Colors I love You

L-R  = 3 coats each with No top coat.....

Daddys Girl - very jelly - very blurple, - sparse pinkish glass flecks - quite sheer
Confetti Happy Birthday - dark purple, silver-ish dense glass flecks, jelly-ish but build-able
I Love You - purple bordering on blurple (?), very, very dense pinkish glass flecks, jelly-ish but build-able

Indoor fluorescent.... blurples rarely photograph properly.

and here they are alone.....

Daddy's Girl 3 thin coats w/1 coat TC

Happy Birthday 3 thin coats w/1 coat TC

I Love You 3 thin coats w/1 coat TC

Finally, here is Confetti My Favorite Martian - Wow this is awesome! This had great coverage, I thought it would need 1 million coats but here is 3 thiiiiiiiin coats with a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong TC. I tried layering this over a brownish shade to copy the new ChG zombie zest... but it completely covered it up. I have recently seen someone layer this over black - It looks great over black, it changes the depth of the color but keeps the awesome green shade and really show-cases the eye-catching flecks. The next time I wear My Favorite Martian I will wear it over black.

cloudy skies




indoor flo

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