Thursday, July 15, 2010

♥ Ardene 'Matte About Blue' ♥

Ardene Matte About Blue - 3 coats with T.C - Ring nail w/ Matte T.C.

Here is one of 3 Ardene Polish's I picked up recently. So far it is a pretty decent polish, the formula is decent and the color payoff I just like most brands I love and use. I do not have any other colors even close to this to do a comparison for you. I bought this polish at an Ardene Store in my town that is moving locations... all their stuff is 50% off right now.

above- Ardene Rockin Purple, AppleTini, and Matte about Blue

Although it is a matte, I added a coat of Nailene Acrylic Strong Top coat to it. On my Ring nail, I added a coat of Claire's Matte Top Coat. I'll hunt around my collection to see what I have that is similar to this. Its a really pretty vibrant teal.

I have to be honest though.... I hate caps like this, and although these have been available for a few years and Ardene Stores have some beautiful colours, I do not generally purchase polish with caps like this unless it pops of revealing a slender normal sized brush handle. But I am happy I grabbed this one becuase I dont think it is a duper or even close to anything I already own...

Next up; AppleTini { tomorrow }

Indoor Fluorescent


Shade with Flash

Indoor Fluorescent
This is a pretty good matte-i-fier..... any comparisons out there on the interwebz?

Indoor Fluorescent


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