Sunday, June 27, 2010

♥ Pink Holo Glitterpocalypse ♥

Pink holo glitterpocalypse.

So basically to do this, I just applied a clear coat of polish and sprinkled the holo glitter over it. Twice. I made sure to use a clear polish that I would not mind getting glitter into; becuase whenever I do a glitterpocalypse there is always glitter everywhere. I also layed out a piece of wax paper to catch all the glitter, and even vaccumed when my nails were fullly dry.

Back to the how to. I applied a coat of clear polish then sprinkled the glitter onto it, when it was beginning to dry I GENTLY used a soft fluffy make-up brush to press the pieces of glitter into the polish as well as to brush away glitter stuck to my fingertips and around my nails.. When that was dry, I applied another coat of clear polish, then sprinkled on some more glitter. I gently used the pad of my finger to squish the glitter into the drying polish before I applied a top coat. I ended up using 2 thick coats of Nailene Top Coat, and before I put the brush back in to the bottle= I wiped it off on the wax paper to ensure that no glitter particles made their way into the top coat bottle. Even though I have specially reserved this bottle of Top Coat for manis like this, I still made sure no glitter found it's way into the bottle.

So there were  many many coats of polish involved here. I applied this over a previous mani, becuase I was taking these false nails off shortly after this - and THERE IS NO FRIGGEN WAY I WOULD WRESTLE WITH THIS GLITTER TRYING TO REMOVE IT.

I don't think I would add this much embellishment to my nails and then try to remove it - whenever I wear a heavy glitter polish I try to coordinate it with the removal of my false nails..... and I hardly ever wear glitter on my toes anymore - even though I know you can do the tin foil thing. I am being alot kinder to my nails and cuticles!!!

So if your thinking about doing a mega glitter look like this - do it on false nails that will run their course and be easily removed  ( or you can gently remove them by soaking in water for a little while ) or snip them down and soak your nails in acetone. Just apply Vaseline or a barrier creme to your finger tips before either type or removal♥

Anyhoo- here is a few more photos - I am looking forward to using the deeper purple holographic glitter in this package. I  found this at Micheal's craft store ( on sale of course $1.39 ) just after Easter time.  I barely put a dent in the small package of pink glitter I used for this glitterpocalypse. I feel I get a better glitter pay-off by doing the sprinkle thing, than using an actual glitter polish.

painted nails waiting to get glitter-ed up


Hazy, not cloudy, Skies

Indoor flo

Shade with Flash

Shade with Flash


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