Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Diagional Mani w/ Revlon polish

 Here is a simple diagional mani with Revlon polish. I picked up one of those 5 sets of Revlon polish's at a discount store for 10 bucks. Like almost every Revlon polish I have they were sheer and needed 3 to 4 coats to opacity and to hide any bare spots. Plum Seduction and Emerald City were the exception, but the other three below, No Shrinking Violet, Craving Coral and Beach need 3 or more coats to opacity. I do love all 5 shades, and @ 2 bucks each I cant really complain that much.

I have noticed Revlon Polish as well as Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicures polish showing up at DollarRama stores in Canada with some pretty colours, I try to snap up th Sally hansen's but am skipping the Revlons due to their track record of rediculouly sheer and slow drying. (  I'm so mean !!! )

L-R=No Shrinking Violet, Emerald City, Craving Coral, Beach, Plum Seduction

For this mani I started with 2 coats of No Shrinking Violet, waited for it to dry, then applied the tape diagioanlly across my nails, then added 1 coat of Plum Seduction ( I needed 2 but I was lazy ) I gave it a few minutes and removed the tape and added 1 coat of TC. I did have some polish bleed under the tape:(

2 coats of No Shrinking Violet. This is a pretty colour but very sheer and I DEMAND 2 coats to opacity for all my nail polish's.

 I found this tape at the office supply store - it is used for taping off sections of  a white-board to create charts and schedules etc... it works on dry nails just like scotch tape.....

 stuff I used for this Mani

 Plum Seduction is a beautiful dark purple metallic - needs 2 thick-ish coats though......

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