Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pure Ice Busted

 Lately, when its time to choose a polish for my daily mani, I am reaching for a shade of purple......Today I picked a franke I named 'Ditto' that I made 3 years ago. It's since it's been a while since I have worn Pure Ice Busted, here it is layered over 3 coats of my franken I made. I searched and searched through my picasa photstreams and even googled every conceivable combination of words but cannot find the name of that franken or the post about it..... maybe I erased it. I know it was an older Sally Hansen polish called Radish, mixed with a shimmery skin toned polish called Peanut shell and some white creme.....

These are my real nails.......I miss my artificial nails soooooo much!I hope to be finished up with all my digging and gardening, as well as my dainty intense jewelery making ( maybe I will finally post some stuff to my Jewelery Blog )

Update; ( lol ) here is the post about franken

Pure Ice busted looks great over anything..... One day I will dig out the ugliest polish I own  ( Sally Hansen Hyacinth ) and layer it over that monstrosity.  Pure Ice Busted, Oh Baby, Rio and Heartbreaker are fabulous polish's for layering. I hope that when Target stores open up in Canada they start selling them there.

 Franken, Pure Ice Busted Nailene TC and on my ring nail is 2 coats of WnW Disturbia

Was the last time I wore this franken polish really 3 years ago?  - Yes it was........  I miss those long trophy wife nails..... Its been a while since I have glued some of these babies on....................

in bright sunlight......... teenie tiny shimmery bits

On my ring nail is Wet n Wild Disturbia... since I was writing about it the other day...........................

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