Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stretch that mani!

 ( I totally photo-shopped this photo )

 I took these photos in the early EARLY morning sun.I wanna try doing my nails and taking photos early in the mornings as I am more likely to complete a blog post that day. My usual routine is to do my nails in the evening, having a bit more time to devote to nail art and experimenting, but I find that I start looking at nail blogs, and run out of time to post my own stuff or even finish my manicures! Does this happen to anyone else?

 Here is an interesting question..... I know I can easily spend hours looking at nail blogs and nail art videos on you tube ( pinterest and google....anywhere  )

 How much time do you estimate you spend per week looking at nail polish related stuff?

Has this already been covered somewhere else? If so let me know in the comments. Thanks a bunch in advance!

Today's nails are an update of my mani from yesterday. I removed the polish from my ring nails, then re-painted with my franken Purple Plain, then sponged on China glaze Grape Juice on the to 3/4 of my nails, added another coat of Top Coat, then affixed these lovely nail gems that I picked off of a scrapbook sticker from Micheal's craft far they are holding on just fine.

from yesterday

 The early morning light totally washed out this fabulous franken. I thought that just a big nail gem plunked down on my nail would look weird so I sponged on some China Glaze Grape Juice. I like how this turned out and have a similar photo in my 'nailspiration' folder but in green......


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