Friday, April 13, 2012

Solidarity Nails

 Solidarity Nails

 I think it will be inappropriate for me,  someone who is lax in her spell-checking, and often posts with sentence fragments, improper use of punctuation, and other typography to even mention how unfortunate this situation is.

So I will just post this awesome nail art!

I applied Top Coat over a polish similar to my micro beads, sprinkled them on over a small box to catch any fall-out, and moved some around with a toothpick to fill in any sparse areas. Strangely, on my middle nail I used the most TC and it has the most sparse areas.

I did not add a top coat to this, I am interested in how long these will hang on for..........

stuff I used Sally Hansen Chrome in Gilded Pearl Chrome, N.Y.C. Backstage Pass and Micro-beads from Micheal's Craft store that I found for .25 cents ( score!!!!! )


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