Monday, March 26, 2012

Rain Dwops

here is an easy mani using a dotting tool, if you dont have a dotting tool, you can use many different items, a bobby pin or a dressmakers pin stuck to a pencil eraser works decently. If you are in the market for some dotting tool, Born Pretty has a nice set of multi-sized dotting tools.

( pardon moi cuticles......I am trying to keep my camera non-greasy lol )
This photo is without Top Coat..... I think the texture of the circles looks really cool w/o TC

stuff I used; Sally Hansen Salon Dorien Grey, Xtreme Wear Blue It, Blue Me Away, Marine Scene

I found this lovely SHS polish at Walmart for $7.97......................

Just Kidding! I found it on the bargain rack for $1.00

While there is definitly some beautiful colours in the Sally Hansen Salon Manicure collection - but there is no friggen way I would pay more than 3 bucks at full price for these. Thats why I paired this polish up with the the Sally Hansen polish you should purchase - X-treme Wear. When I was adding dots to this manicure The X-treme Wear polish was drying before the Fancy $$$ SH Salon polish did! I did an experiment covering a full nail with the SH Salon polish and the Xtreme Wear and the X-treme Wear polish STILL dried faster.

I used a dressmakers pin stuck intot the end of a pencil eraser for the large blue dots

I used my regular dotting tool to add various sized dots of Sally Hansen Blue Me Away

 Then I added Marine Scene, being sure to overlap some of these dots because this polish is sheer and will add a bit of depth especially over Sally Hansen Blue it

I really Really like this, I saw something simialr on Pinterest ( DON'T go there ) and had to copy ASAP

indoor flo

Glorious Sunshine

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