Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm blue...............................

 3 coats of Sinful Colors Fly Away, With LA Colors Stripe polish in Black, filled in w/WnW Black

I have been wearing this beautiful blue polish for 3 days, I'll have to look through my previous posts becuase I think I wore this for 3 days the last time I wore Sinful Colors Fly Away. After totally trashing this manicure doing household cleaning and scrubbing, I added some black tips with LA Colors Stripe polish, then filled in the small area with Wet n Wild Black Creme. I added a profane coat of TC ( with bubbles!!!! )

If anyone else has this polish, is there some hair care product or cosmetic packaging that is extremely similar in colour to Sinful Colors Fly Away? - I think there was an older Covergirl Mascara tube very similar to this colour-


above - 3 thin coats of Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue, followed by silver and shimmery/opalescent stripe polish's from KIss Nails. I thought that the stripe polish's would show up much better, but they ended up being in very subtle contast to the base polish......

I used the shimmery white and silver polish from the package on the left.....

Check out what happened with my matte top coat - My pinky nail went all-the-way matte and then it got shiny-er gradually towards my thumb  - weird! maybe Wet n Wild Saved by the Blue is too awesome and powerful for matte top coats and needs to shine!!!!!!! lol

I added top coat to my pinky I wanted this whole mani to be matte but ended up leaving it as is. 

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