Friday, November 18, 2011

dry marble - and a few new blogs to add to my blog roll.........

I am trying to experiment with something awesome I saw on More Nail Polish and Enamel Girl.  I started out trying  the water marble where you do a design like a normal water marble, then drop a cut out piece of plastic onto the marbled design to pick up the design, let it dry then affix it to your nails - but it turned out terrible!

So instead - I did a drag marble on a piece of plastic, let it dry then affixed it to a tacky nail polish base..... it turned out perfect.

I can see this being a great way to have my non dominant hand have intricate designs that I cannot do as well free-hand, My left hand ( model hand ) always looks better than my right hand.

This Sunday I will set aside some time to figure out how to do a real water marble - then pick up the design with plastic. If you haven't already check out  this post from More Nail polish where she did a fabulous job with dry water marbling  and a much better job of explaining how it is done...... Water marbles can be so beautiful but I find them to be so messy - and many of the times I have tried they looked awful.

In the mean time I will mess around with swirling nail polish onto zip-lock bags..... I only tried this on 1 nail and so far it turned out very nice.

I applied this to a still tacky nail polish base

here is with a coat of TC

and here is with 2 coats of TC and after an acetone clean up 

and here are the colours I used- LA Colors Static Electricity and LA Colors Atomic

~ o ~

.... and here is a mani I wore earlier this week,  The base is Avon Bare Necessity, I made a chevron shape with LA Colors Black stripe polish, went over the line with LA Colors Metallic Pink stripe polish, then added Kiss pink Glitter over that line.... The pink glitter did not show up as much as I hoped it would. I added a coat of TC to my nails, smearing the black on my index - boooooooo!

 and finally a few blogs I added to my blog roll - I have been lacking on my blogroll, sorry!


 A nail  polish affair 

 nail passion 


 cosmetics freak

 nail polish-addict 

 life and slight obsessions 

 nails and stuff 

 pistols and cobras 

 hold ur colour 

As long as your blog has 86.342839 % nail polish related content I will add it to my blog roll- It may take a day or two ( or 2 weeks ) but I will get it up there!

I have taken a few blogs off that had questionable content but for the most part I like that there is almost 800 different nail polish related blogs on there I am very Happy that there are soooooo may people sharing all their mani's, shopping hauls and tips and ideas - - -  Thanks everyone for posting all your stuff!


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