Sunday, September 25, 2011

Zebra with Hanna Pinktana & Plug Yourself Sunday

When I first saw the promotional pics for Hanna PinkTana and Blue Wants to be a  Millionaire I thought = WHY? Why would they even bother with a sheer pink & blue micro holo glitter - but these two polish's have moved up into my top 25 because they look good over everything!!!!!! They are prefect for disguising a crappy polish application, blending out harsh lines in nail art without completly disguising the base polish colours and can add a lovley holographic glitter effect to a boring day old manicure.

Todays mani is 3 thin coats of Nail Fetish Babe, a lovely lilac creme. I added the zebra stripes with LA Colors stripe polish in Wild Fuschia, and less than 5 minutes later a coat of Wet n Wild Hanna Pinktana then TC.

The brushes on the newer Wet n Wild Fast Dry polishs are stiff! like, STIFF, stiff, if you are layering them over another polish or nail art be careful. I always wait a few minutes in between coats for all my polishing.

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Wet n Wild Hanna Pinktana

 stuff i used; Nail Fetish Babe, LA Colors Wild Fuschia and WnW Hanna Pinktana

3 thin coats of Nail Fetish Babe -  the brush was stiff on this polish and the formula was more runny then the modern polish's that I am used to. This is an old skool polish I found recently. A Pretty lilac colour and dried fast on my artificial nails.

after LA Colors Wild Fuschia stripe polish

The WnW holo glitter blends out some of the harsher lines of my zebra stripes, plus it looks coooooool!

I only added 1 coat of TC for these photos - but due to the texture from the stripe polish & glitter I definitly will need 2. Hanna Pinktana was not as gritty as i imagined it would be.

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