Thursday, September 8, 2011

Billie Nail Stickers -

Although these are very pretty - I found them extremely difficult to apply. They are very thin I thought I could peel them off of the clear backing and apply them - but each little sticker needs to be cut out and applied to the nail. I give them an 8 out of 10 in level of difficulty.

The wrinkles are very visable if you get up close - but overall for $1.29 I cant really complain. There was quite an assortment of styles at my local dollar store; but I think I will stick to regular nail stickers from now on.

I applied just Clear polish to my Index and ring nail..... the rest of my nails were Nailene TC. I think that a coat of irridescent glitter over my entire nail would be good for this mani - but after the troubles I had I just left them as is.

Also - Sally Hansen WTF????? - where are my drug store duo-chrome / irridescent/prismatic collection? There is no way that a drugstore brand cant put out a line EXACTLY like this in the near future

nail stickers from the dollar store

for stickers this thin - cut out each sticker and roll onto the nail.

before TC

 my index and ring are just clear polish - middle and pinky are Nailene TC


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