Wednesday, June 8, 2011

orange stripes ( I call this an Ice Cream Mani )

whenever I see a 3 stripe mani like this, I think of those Ice cream treats - they are red, white and blue....
I thought I would destroy my daily mani after a fun paper mache project but my nails miraculously survived.  My base was a no-name orange shimmer/creme from Icing ( Claire's). I applied 1/4" piece of green masking tape to the middle of my nails, then applied a pastel orange shade at the base of my nails, and a shimmery burnt orange at the tips of my nails.

I think the pastel franken has thickened up to the point of un-useable, there were some major ridges from the tape, so I added this lovely Wet n Wild polish which has holographic micro-glitter. I am not even sure what to call them. is there such a thing as  holographic micro-glitter?

Anyhoo - whatever it is called it is very pretty. I have a few of these sheer but dense micro-glitter polish's. they are awesome for layering, and can hide flaws like fluff imbedded in your polish, or small dents or other imperfections while not hiding your base polish or nail art.

Wet n Wild Rock Solid in Sparkling Diamonds

Billie Cosmetics Burning Hot on the tips of my nails

the base for this look was a no-name Icing ( Claire's ) polish. It is a creme with shimmer

at the base of my nails is an orange pastel franken

I used a utility knife to cut different thickness from the green masking tape

I used thicker pieces for my thumbs and middle nails, and a thinner piece for my pinky nail

@ 1 coat

w/ a coat of TC & weird camera issues

This Wet n' Wild polish; Rock Solid in Sparkling Diamonds is lovely!

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