Saturday, June 25, 2011

lather, rinse, repeat - a henna tattoo looking mani

above; index ~ below; middle nail

I thought I did this look at least 6 months ago - but I did this just last month...... I called it 'peas in a pod' manicure, but it does look more like a henna tattoo pattern. I wanted to try again; using the stripe polish and different size dots and it turned out lovely.

There really isn't much to add to this, so if you need more info, please read the other post HERE. I started off with a base of Avon Bare Necessity, and sponged on Billie Cosmetics Turquois ( lol -it is a light pink with grey tones) I used a black stripe polish, then using a dotting tool I added some shimmery medium purple dots in varying sizes.

I applied top coat on a few nails for a refernce to how TC smoothes out lumps and bumps and helps blend together a sponged look in a photo below. It is amazing how a top coat can smoothe out a lumpy textured polish, doesnt always work on gritty glitters, though.

I used matte top coat for this. I find that whenever I do fancy nail art, and use a shiny top coat I can never get a good photo of the design, so from now on I think I will try to take a photo of my designs with matte top coat.....

this is immediately after i applied the matte TC when it was still wet - so its shiny

stuff I used;
Avon Bare Necessity, Billie Turquois, Black stripe polish, Billie Purple, Claire's Matte TC

my thumb, middle and pinky nails have top coat, the rest are just the sponged on polish

so I cheated! I brushed on the two colours first, then sponged.....

I drew my flower petals or leaves or whatever these are supposed to be

Then added these shimmery purple dots

Avon Bare Necessity

the black stripe polish from The Bargain Shop Canada

... and one more photo!

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