Friday, May 13, 2011

Peas-in-a-Pod? copper nail art

This is me practicing making various sized dots. I really had no plan for this mani and it just sorta happened. I want to be able to make dots of different sizes, and placed symmetrically on my nails when I do nail art in the future - so I just started dotting and this is what I came up with.

I wore this for my N.O.T.D. - I really like the design. It s definitely not symmetrical, and my dots are a tad wonky, but with some more practice I am certain I will be able to perfect using dotting tools in the future.

practice, practice, practice...........

also these last 2 days have been bummy without blogger working properly - I love blogging and I love reading everyone's blogs! I hope it is fixed for good♥

base polish is Rewarding Decadence layered over Nail Fetish artificial nails that are similar in colour, I sponged on SH cappuccino on the last 1/2 of my nails, and added the matte top coat

I made the leaves or whatever these are supposed to be

then added the dots of varying size using a dotting tool

stuff I used; Sally Hansen HAN Rewarding Decadence, Sally Hansen NL Cappuccino, Matte TC, Nail art black, Sally Hansen NL Mocha Madness

this is my right hand, I seldom add photos of this hand as it is waaaaaaay harder to take photos of this hand. I knew  I could not do as good of a job on my non dominant nails, especially something where  needed to be precise, but I did try...................... i did not do the sponging on my right hand....

lol - I normally wouldn't attempt something intricate like this on my right hand

and a few more photos......

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