Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diagional Mani's - A Trip Down Memeory Lane

Since I will be wearing my mani from yesterday again today ( and possibly tomorrow ) here is a spam post of diagonal nail looks. Normally I would list the polish's that I used for these looks and  I would make a link to the original post = but that will take a looooong time.

( "yesterday again today; and possibly tomorrow" = is going in my franken polish name file, that is a fabulous name for a nail polish )

 Since the beguinning of adding nail polish photos to the internet I have been diligent about labeling my photos with the polish's I have used, as well as my blog name deez-nailz........... so if you click on a photos it will take you to the picasa photo album they belong to, with the names of the polish's  and products used as well as the date it was posted.

♥ But if there are any questions, please let me know in the comments. ♥

There are 3 readily available french nail tip guides that can be found easily at drug stores or department stores. ( Available In my region - I know there is some fancy french tip guides available but this is what I'm work'n with)

I have also used mailing label stickers, scotch tape, packing tape, green painters tape and those re-bingder things for paper. All with success - but - I often have a sticky glue residue left on my nails. So when it is humid out, I am sticking ( lol ) to store bought french tip guides.

I have also found that waiting until my base polish is dry, then applying top coat and let it set before I try anything type of french tip sticker application - will ensure that I do not 'pull up' my base polish or have any type of residue stuck to my nails. So many of these looks are with fast drying nail polish's, and some are day old manicure's that jazzed up.

This look is so easy to do. It is a perfect disguise for tip wear or chips. If you are unsettleb by a wonky-wavy line where your two polish's meet; it is fast and easy to trace that line with glitter.

..................and here are many, many photos for inspiration

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