Monday, May 9, 2011

black w/ holo glitters

I started with a black matte base, I sponged on a silver, added the Claire's Hollywood multi-sized holographic glitter and then added a few larger hexagon holographic glitter pieces. I took these photos before a final coat of top coat, and I definitely needed 2 coats of TC.

I am still into the matte black look... I have 2 more black matte manis in mind for the rest of the week. I like the shape of the glitter area, it's like a swoop starting at the far right of my cuticles then all along my cuticles to the tip pf my nails. This was very easy to do on my non-dominant hand which was a plus today as I was in a rush.

also; Google blogger must be updating or something.... I tried to up-date my blog roll and do a bunch of other bloggy things and nothing was working. I quit for today - but hopefully everything will be back to normal. I love you Google blog-spot - get well soon ♥

I sponged on some silver polish along the sides of my nails

then added just 1 coat of Claire's Hollywood, and quickly set a few holographic hexagon glitters randomly on my nails.

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