Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sally Hansen Pink Diamond Nail Prisms

 I finally wore pink for pink Wednesday's and I am actually going to blog about it before Wednesday is over! I am an avid young go-getter. I didnt really need to add as many photos as I did to this post, but I took so many......

This is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Ruby Diamond layered over 1 coat of an un-named Sally Hansen Chrome polish. I had 3 of these Ruby Diamond polish's, One I bought at a garage sale 7 years ago, the other two I found at a dollar store in my town 2 years ago. Most of these Sally Hansen Nail Prism polish's are sheer - but awesome - and need to be layered or 4 to 6 coats are needed for opacity. I tested this on my pinky and it would need 4 coats to cover any bare spots and hide VNL.

I used a coat of another awesome Sally Hansen polish, there is no name on his one but it is a bright pink, the same base colour as this Sally hansen Nail Prism polish. On the left is 2 coats of Ruby Diamond layered over the pink chrome and on the right is just 1 coat of the pink chrome polish.

I have read that top coat diminishes the holo-ness of some of these prismatic polish's.... I cant see any difference, as I skipped TC on every other nail.

sun/cloud cover

weird lighting

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