Thursday, March 3, 2011

St. Patty's Day Manis

Sally Hansen - Green With Envy - 3 coats
Confetti - My Favorite Martian - sponged, then brushed onto the tips of my nails
Sinful Colors - Call You Later - 2 coat

Here is a super easy look, a base of Sally Hansen Green With Envy, a sponging of Confetti My Favorite Martian, and 2 coats of Sinful Colors Call You Later followed by a coat of TC. The 2 sinful Colors Glitter polish's I own are substantially glittery, but are not coarsely textured = so they do not need a million coats of top coat to smoothe them out. I wanted to use Sinful Colors All About You which is a gold/copper glitter but could not find it in my stash.

I have done pretty well for the first few days of march with the green themed mani's..... hopefully I don't get sick of it before St. Patty's Day.....

The artificial nails I am wearing are older dis-continued Fing'rs nails.... Trophy wife length.

w/ Confetti - My Favorite Martian

w/ Sinful Colors - Call You Later

w/ 2 coats of sponging Confetti My Favorite Martian

...... and another green St. Patty's theme mani

For this mani, I started with 3 thin coats of a pale pink polish from Wn'W, the added black on the diagonal with Nailene French Tip pen in black. When it was dry I added Sally Hansen Lime Lights, a sheer iridescent green polish and applied some loose glitter by tracing the line with clear polish and sprinkling the loose green glitter on my nail.  I sealed it all up with  Top Coat.

I kinda like lime lights over this light pink polish, I'll definitely try this layering combination again. It looks sorta what I imaging an Alien 's skin would be like..... clammy and iridescent green.

w/ 3 coats of WnW Mega Last Sugar Coat & Nailene French Tip Pen in Black

With 2 coats of Sally Hansen Lime Lights

....and with green loose glitter, its looks better IRL.....


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