Thursday, March 17, 2011


 Claire's Evergreen, Icing Manic Monday sponged at the base and 2 coats of Sinful Call You Later w/1 coat of Nailene Top Coat. I think that is this best green glitter out there..... It has 2 different sizes of green glitter, along with gold micro-glitter = it is a good combination and very pretty.

 A sponge glitter gradient never fails me! I tried a few different things before I decided to go with a fail safe glitter gradient mani. My base was multiple coats of Claire's Evergreen. I brushed and sponged on Icing Manic Monday (dark green) at the base of my nail - like a ruffian manicure, then applied Sinful Call You Later over the area where the two polish's met.

Thankfully I was able to get some outdoor sunshine photos today ~ but seem to be experiencing technical difficulties with blogger, hopefully everything works out♥

w/ Claire's Evergreen

w/ Sinful Colors Call You Later

brushed on in ruffian shape - then sponged over, 1 coat of glitter, 2 coats of glitter



 Indoor Florescent

glitter particles are tough to get off my cuticles - even with an acetone clean up

this was my Irish Meadow mani from the other day.... I removed the design from my ring nail and then tried water marbling - FAIL!!!!! I have done some pretty marbling in the past, but this did not work, so then I tried a patchwork mani ( a la chloe nails) and that didn't work either. so I went  with the safe glitter gradient - looks good every time

.... and a 'syrup' mani fail. I know it is supposed to be a sheer polish that is used for a syrup/graduated manicure, but this is waaaaaaay too sheer. it is a pretty colour, but needs alot of coats to opacity. I will layer this over an opaque base polish.

.... and a much nicer picture of Claire's Evergreen - its very sheer

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