Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Leprechaun Chevron ( that rhymes )

My mani for today is 2 coats of Love My Nails Envy - a fabulous green chrome polish from the USA and Avon Green Olive 1 coat swiped on my nails in a chevron freehand.....I added an obscenely thick layer of Top Coat and set these fake Rhinestones from the Dollar-rama into the wet Top Coat. Applying Top Coat OVER these gems from the DollarRama will fog them up because they are plastic - there still cool though even if they get fogged over.

Chrome polish's such as this show every flaw on the nail. They tend to dry very fast, so I usually end up with serious brush strokes. They are extrememly reflective and noticeable. I was surprised with this polish, I thought it would suck but it's pretty awesome. Because they dry fast and cover well, they are good for 'underwear' = as a polish to layer over. On my list for my next USA visit is a few more of these inexpensive Love My Nails Chrome polish's - They are 2 bucks and can be found at Walmart.

@ 2 coats of Love My Nails Envy  no TC

My plastic gems from the Dollar Rama - These are not Rhinestones and will fog over if polish applied over them.... that still looks cool but I wanted some sparkle. Also; a piece of spaghetti - not cooked lol - is perfect to pick these up and place into wet polish - I lick the end of the spaghetti and then pick up the stones...

... and a few more photos

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