Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a sheer boring gold shimmer, new old stuff and a few more nail blog links I missed yesterday ♥

No-Name Icing gold shimmery polish, 2 coats layered over Naturistic's Chrome in Solid Gold with 1 coat of TC.

This polish, along with the others that came with it in the mini 5 set are very sheer. They are build able but need 4 to 5 coats to hide VNL. I'll have to hunt around for some photos where I compared this to something else.

Also; Here is a few more nail blog links, I thought I had these on my list for yesterday - oops!

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...and some old school Nail Fetish nails I found at my favirote dollar store in town.... a long, long time ago I had these in forrest green, they were a gift from my friend 'C' who bought them a gazillion years ago, and I also recieved some from another friend 'A'  as a gift as well. I was surprised to see these in the store, so of course I had to but them.

I am not sure how old these are but I love pre-painted artificial nails

L-R, vampy red, bright copper and shimmery lilac

anyhoo- here is a few more photos of this sheer shimmery polish.

I have layered this sheer gold polish over 2 coats of Naturistic's Super Chrome in Solid Gold

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