Wednesday, February 9, 2011

a copy of a copy...... with a *proper* GIF

This is a copy, of a copy. I first saw this on Dee's Polish Endeavors HERE, where she replicated another fabulous mani. Although the art deco stripe polish brush is thin and workable, I think I need to use something much thinner, possibly the 'stripe rite' brand of polish in the future to get a very thin line.

This is 3 coats of a franken I made, followed by the black strip polish, I added some Billie Purple Rain dots, and some clear and pink crystals I did not add TC to this, I kinda liked how it had a low sheen.

I love crystals and rhinestones, but I have this terrible, terrible urge to touch then all the time and want to pick them off - I think I'll have to get back to large pieces of glitter and nail stickers.

my awesome franken

LooGix has been a good gif make for me... hope this comes across alright. Since I am painfully terrible at writing instructions, I want to add more gif's instead of a massively loooong post. It is fun to try new things with blogging, I would love to make more nail art videos in the future as well.

Gif maker
Gif maker

art deco stripe polish in black

Billie Purple Rain

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