Sunday, February 27, 2011

2 pretty polish finish's that look good in dim lighting

I love how the light from the TV bounces of my nails when I am wearing chrome polish's. This is 2 coats of an older dis-continued Sally Hansen Chrome polish called SAPPHIRE which is a lite baby blue chrome. It is super reflective - I love these chrome polish's as 'underwear' for layering. I have amassed quite a collection and can usually match a similar chrome polish to layer over if I need to.

I applied some french tip guides and added a coat of  TURQUOISE (middle bottle) which is almost the same shade as the Pure Ice blue glitter I added over the tips, \strapless which is a dense medium blue glitter. Even though this polish is packed with glitter and could be opaque in 3 coats, I applied 2 coats over a polish with a similar colour just so there wasn't any sparse areas.

I have used these same 3 polish's for another mani HERE

L-R = SH Sapphire, SH Turquoise, Pure Ice Strapless

.... and a mani with Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, layered over NYC Skin Tight Denim

I started with 2 thin coats of NYC Skin Tight Denim {or STD lol} and added a thick coat of hidden Treasure, followed by a coat of  Nailene TC. I have only worn Hidden Treasure once on my nails and once on my toes..... I waited and waited for this to come to my town and I rarely ever wear it.

My previous manicure photos of this polish are the most 'used' and re-posted of all my photos. Here is a link to that post, just in case you are interested in seeing it Layered over black. I appreciate polish's with finish's that are very apparent in crappy lighting like duo-chromes, and multi- chromatic polish's, as well as basic chromes like the blue Sally Hansen chrome make-up polish in the mani above.

I think I did a great job of getting all the colours in this photo below. This is outdoors under the patio.


Also I totally have to note =   I wrote last summer I predicted that their would be a readily and widely available multi-chromatic flakey polish available in North America in stores by fall 2010 and I was wrong. I was right about the matte-madness of summer/fall 2010 though....... Does anyone else find it bizarre that there is 6 extremely close dupes of the Charla/Teal of Fortune/Jesses' Girl Glee {and the other 4} but so few good DENSE flakies out there? And also why isn't there a real linear Holographic polish in current collections from SH, Wet n Wild or other dept store brand names?

anyhoo... here is a few more photos of Hidden treasure layered over NYC STD

in low/dim lighting, the multi-chromatic flakes really do their job

w/ NYC Skin Tight Denim

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