Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Spider....or Scorpion

This is my first time using a squeeze-nail art pen. I know I spotted this Fing'rs nail art set at CVS in the USA, but it is not on their website.... I haven't seen this in Canada, but on my shopping this weekend i will pop into all these stores in my town to see if they carry this.

This thing is awesome! I have had this for a while but really didn't get into it yet. I did use those stars for another manicure recently ( HERE ) but these nail art stripers and fine pens used to intimidate me. But with a little practice I think I can whip up some cool designs.

I did a test run on the spider web design on a piece of paper and it was super easy so I jsut went for it. There is at least 10 You Tube tutorials on how to make spider webs on your nails.

For the spider I used Nailene Crystals; a tear drop shape and a small circle crystal for the head. The legs are just two short lines. I actually think this looks more like a scorpion, which is cool, too. I'll have to work on that.

Also, I think I should have drawn the spider line on the frost, where it's head is, and not on the back ens, becuase....ummmm....

anyhoo =  This was super easy to do.  I will invest in a few more colors of these tiny nail art pens eventually. For now I have a white one and this silver one which came with this Fing'rs Nail Creationz Nail Art set.

If anyone can find a non fuzzy photo of this... that would be lovely!

 setting sun

outdoor flash

pop off the cap = fine nail art pen

unscrew the cap =  striping brush

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