Sunday, October 31, 2010

ewwwwwwwwe - another, grosser Bloody Mani

 ewwwwwwwwwe! I just saw a beautiful Halloween mani using a lovely pale shade as the base, and had bright blood red splatter-ey tips. It was really cool so I had to copy this for my Halloween manicure for the night! I used NYC Mulberry Street, and  A NEW TO ME Billie polish called Ruby #08-2. ( - thats gotta be my next mani, it is a beautiful shimmery bright red -)

 Also; here is the haunted mansion I made with old freeze-zee boxes, black construction paper and BBQ skewers..... This is a prototype for my Halloween village 2011, I hope to make a few coooooool Halloween houses similar to this, just 1/2 to 1/3 the size, which are lightweight and EASY TO STORE! This was super-duper fun to make, and I am hoping to whip up a bunch of these on my X-mas break. I hope to add a few construction photos to my P&P blog sometime this afternoon.

♥  Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe and have fun  ♥

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