Saturday, September 4, 2010

♥ Sinful Colors Call You Later layered over SH Amber Chrome ♥

Sinful Colors Call You later 2 coats layered over 2 coats of SH Amber Chrome
 { pinky nail is 2 1/2 coats }

 What a lovely mixture of glitter. in Sinful Colors Call You Later. There is small green hexagon glitter, smaller circular glitter and even smaller extra sparkly gold glitter! I layered this green/gold glitter over a chrome polish - Sally Hansen Amber Chrome.  I was a little worried on the first coat of Sinful Call You Later, but the second coat filled up any sparse areas left by the first coat. I found this polish to be a little thick and it had a more gooey than most glitter polish's.... more like thick hair gel then a regular polish.

I like the contrast between these colours; soft amber and sharp grass green. I thought that a intense copper would have way more contrast but instead went with the amber chrome polish because I needed a base polish colour that would dry fast, and I already had this polish handy.



2 coats of Sally Hansen Amber Chrome

Middle nail - 1 coat of Sinful Call You later

Shade....Middle nail - 1 coat of Sinful Call You later

w/ 1 coat of Sinful Call You Later

w/2 coats of Sinful Call You Later

.............In the shade

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