Wednesday, September 1, 2010

♥ OMFG = NYC Love Letters - Why did'nt anyone tell me.......................♥

2 coats of Love Letters layered over Wet n' Wild Mega Last Disturbia..................

YOU GUYS WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME HOW FRIGGEN AWESOME THIS LIL' .93 CENT POLISH IS......????? This is " actually a pink and turquoise micro-shimmer duochrome! " {Thanks Glammed Up}

I totally trashed my Wet n' Wild Disturbia mani today and needed to layer something over it ASAP ---- This is sooooooo pretty! The flash and duo chrome in this is fascinating and is right up there with those new Orly Cosmix collection, in fact I think that this polish has quelled my desire to get my hands on the cosmix for now.......

So does anyone else out there have this polish NYC Love letters and have you layered it over any other polish's with this result? Has this been modeled on any other blogs.... how did I miss out on this?

Indoor flourescent/lamp light

outdoors under gloomy skies

outdoors under gloomy skies

outdoors under gloomy skies with flash

outdoors under gloomy skies with 'party' flash

Romantic Lamp Light

outdoors shade

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