Monday, September 20, 2010

♥ Maybelline Color-Rama Candy Apple ♥

4 thin coats w/ 1 coat of Nailene TC

This Maybelline Color-Rama polish is a beautiful shade of.... of ... ummm it looks coral indoors, bright neon fuschia outside and bright pink in the shade. It is a jelly finish  and although it is sheer, it built color nicely but still translucent enough for the remnants of my last mani to show through.

In the above photo you can see some areas of leftover polish from a previous mani. = OOps! I honestly thought I would hide it with this polish and did not realize it was a jelly finish till I did a full mani with it.

It is a very pretty shade and i am happy that even though it is a jelly finish it did even out and there is no weird bald/bare spots. This was part of my awesome dollar tree haul USA 2010 = Does anyone else in the world have this polish? What colour would you describe this as? I say it's a pinky coral, but I am not sure.............

Indoor Flo


Indoor Flo

Indoor Flo

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