Sunday, June 20, 2010

A quickie bargain alert - please dont be shy and MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON MY BLOG ROLL

 2.54 CAD at Walmart stores Canada

 Here is a quick bargain alert & an important notice about my blog roll! I want to make sure YOU are on it! But before that my new rule is that I only buy 'almost black' polish's if they are on mega sale or garage sales/ thrift stores!!!! I picked these up at Walmart in my town for $2.54 CAD, these colours are very dark and vampy with gorgeous secret shimmer. The price for the remover was great on it's own- plus I got free polish I likely would not have purchased! I have tried these " NO Chip 10 days" before and they were very sheer, which was disappointing because they had/have wicked colours. Swatches to come eventually.

♥ onto the serous stuff ♥

 I really want to be sure that YOU are on my blog-roll. I am going to tidy up my blog a little more ( I will still post 1 million photos of a single mani, though ) but plan to remove some links & such so that it doesent take as long to load, but If I follow you, and you do not see yourself on my blog roll, please let me know. If you have a NAIL Blog please make sure you are on my blog roll, too♥♥♥

 I have a few blogs on here that have been abandoned - but thats okay! I will keep that link up, becuase alot of those have great nail art and beuatiful swatches.

I plan to add links to peoples photo streams as well as reorganize the links to nail polish resources. There are blogs who have extensive lists of companies to order from as well as beauty supply places to order from. Since I am a drug store/department store polish lover, I am not going to have those links. However I plan to have a PAGE devoted to those blogs who have buckets of information to share.

Here is the thread I added to MUA this morning

ummmm I am affiliated - so hopefully I don't get kicked off. whenever I find out who someone is on MUA from their blog - I come to MUA and check out all their photos and and conversations pertaining to information about where they purchase stuff from and their skillz in regards to polish. Their preferred brands etc.

 I am trying to have everyone's blog on my blog roll with a photo of their latest mani ( or the photo they post in their most recent blog )

I am hoping that this way everyone can have some exposure for themselves, but also and most importantly their blog and THE INFORMATION  they are sharing can be found easily.

Every day I find new people on MUA and on blogs and people word press's by goggling items on Google images.... ***I AM*** and have missed out on things and so I am trying to keep my piece of the interwebz as a resource for photos and info.

I looked into figuring out how word press blogs can have a photo too, that would show up with their most recent posts on my Blog Roll, but I don't think its possible = Hopefully people have learned from my mega bargain polish hauls that it pays to check out EVERYTHING♥

I hope that my post does not get removed from MUA. -  but it was a good reminder that I needed to do a post like this and encourage everyone who has NAIL POLISH  blogs to make sure I have their blog on my blog roll.

anyhoo- on to some bargain goodies

L to R - Jamboree Beauty, Tuscan Pride, Chocolate Dreams

L to R - Jamboree Beauty, Tuscan Pride, Chocolate Dreams

 Tuscan Pride

Jamboree Beauty

Chocolate Dream
Real swatches to come..eventually

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