Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Polish - JOE - & Claire's Neon Burst

 2 coats of Claire's Neon Burst over 2 coats of Billie White - Pinky is 3 coats  of Neon Burst

Wow - this is bright, probably the brightest I own. I applied 2 coats of a stark white polish before I applied this bright Claire's polish 'Neon Burst' = I am surprised I even get a decent  non fuzzy photo of it. On my PINKY is just 3 coats of Claire's Neon Burst. No top coat yet, we'll see if I get to some nail art or stickers. I seem to be in a painting mood lately, and I change my polish so often at the moment that I rarely get to my stickers / nail art.

Below is some polish I just picked up. At a Canadian grocery store = Loblaws, Superstore, Fortino's---  whatever it's called in your Provence. These 6 ml polish are very unique colors. I don't think i have anything like these 3 and so I picked them. Most of the other polishs i have ones extremely similar so I passed. The quantity is only 6 ml and they are 3 for $10.00. i totally did not want to buy these - but my impulse got the best of at least they are only $3.00 -ish, right?

And..... of course these were the last three of each kind. Didn't these just come out on the 12th - they surfaced at my grocery store this morning.... I hope they have a box for re-fills in the back.......

anyhoo - I will be swatching these tomorrow. L to R -


Gunmetal -  a flecked shimmer charcoal bordering on brown
Peacock -  a rich dark teal shimmer with a purple duo-chrome/ flash
Espresso - a dark shimmery espresso

~ 2 coats of a stark white polish = makes neon's super - duper bright ~

~ Billie White' & Claire's Neon Burst ~

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