Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cute Klean Kolor mini's

Klean Color Techno High mini set has 6 gorgeous metallic polishes that are easy 1 coaters. The yellow polish is the only one that I don't think I could wear....  it's too much on the yellow side......The tiny little brush and bottle cap made application tricky for me. Aren't these just the cutest little bottles?

I found this set for 5 bucks @ Winners ( T.J.Maxx ), I would definitely recommend having the Techno High Metallic set, but I was disappointed with the holo set, all the iridescent polishes are the same, just in slightly different coloured jelly base's. Chunky black is where it's at - that is a beautiful polish! The box set says " Chunky holographic' but there is only 1 truely chunky holo in there...............

I tried to layer one of the Klean Color Chunky Holo's over this lovely metallic teal but it barely showed up.

.... and the dark purple

I needed to add nail polish thinner to this polish..... 


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