Monday, May 28, 2012

Shopping my stash

There is literally hundreds of polish's I want that I will never get my hands on, mostly due to self discipline. Even though I have soooooooo much and am able to aquire what I want pretty much instanteously, I have some serious self discipline. I still have those pangs of jealousy and 'I-want-it-right-now' feelings and despite that I keep myself in check and try to utilize what I already have and look at my own things before running out to the store.

the results of layering this polish over a dark base was a surpise to me. I have had this rediculouly cute mini bottle of Sally Girl Way 2 Disco for a few years and have layered it over other polish's but I did not realize that there was such a huge colour shift = especially over darker shades. I bought it for the sheer glitter and used it a couple of times then tucked it into the top drawer of my Deez-elmer.  I have seen soooooo many blue to green shifting glitters and cant beleive I had this sitting in a drawer. Here I have layered 3 coats over Nina Ultra Pro Out of The Blue. All my photos are crappy indoor lighting but that is the best way fro me to photograph the colour shift.

also; NUBBINS -  I will be cracking down on my beading crafts as well as digging outside inb the garden for the next few days.

HERE is a GORGEOUS example of Way 2 disco over a lovely puple creme

a few irridescent glitters I rounded up ( I looooooove Love My Nailz Dazzling )

Elf Twinkle Twinkle is an irridescent polish that is $1.00 - I have used this quite a few times

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