Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sinful Colors Cream Pink, I MissYou, and metallic striping polish nail art

This is an easy to do nail art look. The base is a bright pink creme from Sinful Colors; Cream Pink, I added the wispy stripes with LA Colors Metallic Pink.... then applied a jelly based holographic glitter to the base of the 'burst' and stuck a pink nail gem into the wet polish.
No Top Coat in these photos....I smudged, fudged and.......kludged? my nails so many times in the first 2 minutes after paintinfg them that I just left them as is untill I had time later in the morning to fancy them up. 
Since it's the first Sunday of the month - today was my 'go through everything' day where I take account of household items, clothes that need to be sewn, donated ot tossed, tupperware that has seen better days, and wrangling spiders who are trying to settle in my home for the winter etc. so I was'nt too concerned with my base polish of Creme Pink ( it needs 3 to 4 coats, and could use a basecoat )

For some reason I thought there was alot more pink glitter in Sinful Colors I MissYou, but it is medium hex holographic glitter with small silver glitter and VERY sparse pink glitter - kinda bummed about that. But it is still a lovely nail polish and would be a great base for frankens with the addition of more coloured glitter.

Also; please leave a link to your nail blog if you dont see yourself on my blog roll. For some reason I added some nail blogs incorrectly onto my blog roll and their new posts were not coming up......(SORRY X 100!). I usually double check before  i add nail blogs to my side bar but I do overlook little things like that ( and spelling, and, and punctuation.... sentence fragments etc. lol)
Sinful Colors Cream Pink, LA Colors Stripe polish in Metallic Pink and Sinful Colors I Love You,
 wispy strokes + glitter + nail gem = starburst nails

The pink gems I used are from the dollar-rama......

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